Sports Therapy and Massage

We all know that injuries are part and parcel of sport. At BeMore UK Health and Fitness, we offer high quality Sports Therapy treatment and rehabilitation. Our Sports Therapists work with athletes of all ages and abilities, from the general public to international athletes.

Our philosophy is that prevention is better than cure, however sometimes injuries do happen. Not only will you receive excellent treatment, and offering fantastic sports massage, we will provide you with personalised rehabilitation programmes. This will help keep you in tip top shape, keeping you on the go and competing in your sports and activities.

With prompt diagnosis and evidence based injury management plans, our clients can benefit from sports massage therapy and deep tissue body massage. These treatments can help enhance performance and speed up healing and recovery times.

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage can assist in recovery between events and games. Preparation for training and competing is often missed amongst keen amateurs and weekend warriors. So why miss out?

If you think that you can benefit from our Sports Therapy, Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage, then get in touch now: or 0121 572 2832