Personal Training

Personal Training (PT):


In today’s modern society it is becoming increasingly difficult to exercise as often as we should. With increasing stressors on ourselves, time restrictions, misinformation and simply lack of motivation we simply just do not exercise enough. Most of us know we need to exercise more, most of us want to exercise more – we just don’t have the support network and confidence to do so.


There are so many great health benefits that exercise can have. Exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of many health conditions for example, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. There is strong scientific evidence that exercise has many benefits on mental health. Leading a more physical and active lifestyle can help change your moods, boost self esteem; improve sleeping patterns and increase energy levels, as well as reducing stress and depression.


With all these positive affects – what is the downside? Some aches and pains in the body? Well – you can treat yourself to one of our sports massages if needed…

At BeMore, Health and Fitness is our passion and we want to get everyone more active and healthy, so sharing our knowledge in a fun and personalised way is our aim. So if you want a training plan writing, some new exercises or techniques or just fancy having a training partner, get in touch now.


Our personal training offers personal 1 to 1 or small sized group sessions tailor made to your own personal goals.


Here at BeMore we are firm believers that each person is an individual. Their individual goals can be achieved and will need individualised plan to achieve their goals and success.

We will start each PT session with an informal consultation to construct a programme that suits your needs. We will make sure all targets are achievable and realistic and we will make the program personalized.


The services we offer:


Weight loss

Sports rehabilitation

Injury prevention

Muscle Gain



Functional Fitness Classes





Training styles to suit you and your needs.

Adults need to complete 2 types of exercise per week to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  The two types of training needed are: Aerobic and Strength training.

Aerobic can consist of jogging/running, cycling, boxing and circuits.

Strength training can be performed using: thera-bands, free weights, body weight exercises all of which will work the major muscle groups of the body.

150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise or 75minutes of vigorous intensity exercise plus 2 or more strength sessions is recommended for a week.

We want to provide you with the power and control to live an active and healthy lifestyle. So we want to share our knowledge, by giving you the motivation and education to make informed lifestyle choices. At BeMore we want to help make your lifestyle changes better; exercise and nutrition becoming varied and fun.

You and your PT will be the main motivators, yet you will be given the tools to give yourself control of your own success. Regular reviews are arranged to see if the goals originally set are still realistic and attainable, and also to see if you need challenging in different ways.

The private gym allows people to have one to one sessions, away from others prying eyes. There are also small classes which enable us to have the social engagement which sport and exercise often affords.

So whatever your needs are, get a tailor made program and get started now, why wait?

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