Junior Golfers Assemble…

At BeMore UK, we have been working in athletic development across all age ranges and skill levels for many years. We have often wondered what ingredients go into making the next athlete? Not only this, but what makes someone want to take part in sport or any form of exercise? These are obviously very tricky answers. I was lucky enough to sit in a talk by Professor David F Stodden of University South Carolina during a recent visit to Coventry University.

There are several questions to be proposed into what makes for good movement? What makes for a good athlete and the like? These are for academics to argue about. What are the implications into helping children develop physically, athletically and how will this help into later life?

As the media quite correctly portrays, obesity is a ticking time bomb globally. Obesity is a multi-factorial issue, which would make for a very long discussion. A discussion that is to be had by us, at a later date for now at least.

In recent months we have been fortunate enough to meet Aaron Lansberry, the resident golf professional at Hatchford Brook Golf Course, round the corner from us here in Solihull. Aaron works with some of the most promising Junior Golfers in the region. Aaron like us, is constantly trying to deliver the most up to date techniques to clients to aid performance.

What we wanted to work upon is working on global movement patterns, skill acquisition and confidence to move. We believe, along with Professor Stodden, that the more a young person has confidence to move and participate, the more that they’re taught and encouraged to move efficently; then in latter life, they will still be active, fitter and healthier. Apply this to a sporting context and then they’ll have a better chance of still performing at a higher level.

Our Junior Golf Fitness Classes, ran alongside Aaron Lansberry Golf Academy, runs on a Wednesday evening for just £5.00 per session.

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