12 Days to BeMore Christmas is here

So here it comes. I know you’re all as excited as we are about this promotion. 12 Days to BeMore Christmas starts Saturday 12th December and ends Wednesday 23rd December.

This offer brings to you 12 unique offers, promotions and auctions. But, it comes with a difference. Each one lasts for the day of its release. So if you miss it, its gone and another promotion starts.

Make sure that you are following us on our main social media channels so that you don’t miss a trick. Also check out the terms and conditions below.

Hope you enjoy this promotion and have a great Christmas,


Do More. BeMore


Terms & Conditions

1.) Each offer & promotion runs for 1 day from first launch

2.) When purchasing one of the offers, or entering into an auction lot, payment must be made on the day.

3.) All proceeds from the Auctions, will be going toward a charity of BeMore UK’s choice.

4.) BeMore UK reserve the right to withdraw an offer or promotion without prior consent.

5.) Refunds will be made immediately, if for any reason, BeMore UK are unable to honour the offer, promotion or event