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At BeMore UK we believe that you should not accept second best. So we have tried all our ranges to test for quality, taste and also considerations for cost.

We keep a limited stock of our best selling lines, to help keep down costs for you. If there is anything we don’t have ready for you to take away today, then speak to us about your needs and we will find a suitable product for you.

We stock one main line, with access to many others. The well known market leader USN pride themselves on being a leader in sports nutrition and supplementation. Having worked closely with USN through our links with Birmingham City Ladies FC, we have an intimate understanding of their line and how to help you achieve your goals.


Whey Protein Premium


One of the most commonly used supplements, Whey Protein is best used post workout to assist recovery and prevent muscle breakdown. USN Whey has a high level of bio-ready protein, meaning that your body can use it easily and not be wasted.

RRP 908g – £37.99 – 2.28kg – £71.98

Our Prices start from – £25.00 for 908g tubs


Pure Protein GF-1


USN’s well rounded all-in-one, well blended, with a mix of protein substrates to provide the body with a constant drip of protein.

RRP 1kg – £38.38 2.28kg – £75.59

Our Prices start from – £25.00 for 1kg tubs


BCAA Power Punch


Design to help give you a boost during your intense workout, this supplement helps fuel your body and maintain a high level of intensity during your workout.

RRP  400g – £39.99

Our Prices start from – £29.99


Xedra Cut – XT


USN’s market leading weight loss control management supplement, contains specific ingredients when teamed up with a calorie controlled diet can help with good controlled weight loss.

RRP 90 Capsules – £28.99

Our Prices Start from – £18.50


A full comprehensive range of USN is available upon request.


If you want any specific products or to place an order for these, get in touch to ensure you aren’t disappointed.


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